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Welcome to Schaben Vizsla's!

 Wow has our family grown!!! So much love!!!



Welcome to Schaben Vizslas! We have so enjoyed turning our love of these beautiful pets into our life passion. Our family has grown since our last family picture post (just a little!).  We hope you enjoy our website and feel the love that this amazing breed has brought to our lives. Thank you!

Family picture

Fresh out of college in 1990, we were introduced to our first vizsla on a hunting trip in western Iowa. It was love at first sight for the Schabens! The perfect dog! A mix of aggressive hunter and loving family dog all in one easy care package! We purchased our first pup within days of that trip, and our love of the breed has grown ever since.

Jacob and Rex-Senior Picture 09

We take our responsibility as breeders very seriously to protect this beautiful breed. All of our pets are family members and hunting companions, and have passed the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals hip examination to ensure we are doing everything we can to pass on a healthy pup for years to come. We are also involved in AKC Hunting Tests to assure the buyer our pets are trainable in every way and have great social skills with other animals and people. We also assist the Nebraska and Iowa Vizsla Rescue coordinator with pickup and placement of vizslas looking for new homes.

We normally have one to two litters a year of perfect pups. These are exciting times around the Schaben house, as our children don't get much sleep with anticipation of their new babies. Talk about spoiled little puppies!! The kids are there from birth to the day they leave for their new home, so the puppies are very well socialized and ready to face the world when they leave us. 

Please feel free to contact us any time with questions or to reserve a puppy!

To contact us by email, schaben5@fmctc.com

To contact us by phone, (712)747-6006